My heart feels over exposed

over sensitive to the elements

loved raw

and left without skin


like my teeth did the time

I used whitening strips

every night

for two weeks

and then accidentally

fell asleep with them in


the next day they were so sensitive

that even a breathe of air

was an uncomfortable

and painful sensation


you had me so convinced

that you were mine

that magic existed

and that everything had finally

fallen in line


Now I have to talk myself

out of bed every morning

talk myself

down the hall

and into the shower

talk myself through

the morning cigarette

and the coffee


talk myself through

the memories of you

when I smell you on my sheets

or find your hairs on my couch

and on my pillows


through the ride to work,

and through each sunset

because i’m afraid of night

now that

I have to talk myself to sleep


Don’t tell your lover that

you love them

if you don’t

someday it will lose all meaning

and how sad for love to hold no weight.

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