Reflecting on old notebooks

a sense of pride


and clarity


Remember the dark nights

they still continue

but without the substance

remember the addiction


Pour it out

split it up

straighten it out

take turns

So quick to indulge

we could feel it in our brains

before we even took it in



We like the feeling

and know it well


Now theres a bit more time

in the world

when you work a bit faster




Remember to breathe


Take a moment before the

next one


next one..

next one..

next one..

wheres the next one?


I’ll get lost in those eyes

and this cocktail if I’m not careful


Painfully beautiful melodies

memories stain my fingertips


What have we become?

Are we really so bad?

….Aren’t we all pretty fucked up anyway?


When will I stop this nonsense.


Circa 2008



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